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I really liked that Devon and Jay switched back and forth even though Jay was the more dominating male.

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Jay was very alpha and dominating. I really enjoyed the entire book. Fantastic story with some hot sex to add spice. Aaron is on a quest to find his brother, separated from him during the plague that devastated the population, killing seventy percent of all the humans on the planet. When he gets word that his brother is among the rebels, he joins them too, hoping to find him. Instead he gets caught up in a failed assassination attempt on the Supreme Alpha, a strong, powerful wolf shifter who now has Aaron right where he wants him—at his mercy. Despite his growing attraction to Aaron, Quinn has to try to keep his heart from getting too involved, and when another assassination plot is uncovered, Quinn has to make a difficult decision.

He must put Aaron aside despite his feelings for him and imprison him, even though the mating bond between them means Aaron will suffer and die without Quinn.

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Review: This is the first book in the Supremacy of Wolves series. This story takes place after a vicious plague wipes out most of the human population leaving the wolves, who were immune to it, in charge. From what I got out the story the wolves thought they were better than the humans and treated them like pets to be used as they saw fit with no regard to what the humans wanted.

If they did not do as told they were punished like they were children. While I liked the overall story I had a few problems with it as well. Number one being the way the wolves treated the humans. It seemed as though it was reversed as to what the wolves had gone through so why would they treat the humans the same? Number two, Alpha Quinn really pissed me off.

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I thought since he was an intelligent Alpha he would have actually done research into the bombing that killed several wolves instead of watching a surveillance camera seeing one man on it and assuming this man was the mastermind behind the event. The way Quinn treated Aaron was so over the top I wanted to slap him. The third problem I had was that wolves have heightened senses.

So why on earth did the Alpha automatically believe Bobbi, a human house-servant, when she told him her and Aaron had an affair?

Aaron was always watched and if they had slept together like she claimed then Quinn should have smelled it on Aaron. Highly unlikely. That part had me shaking my head in bewilderment. Even though those things bothered me I still enjoyed reading about each character in the book and what roles they played in the story. Some scenes were nail biting while others were sweet. I really felt bad for Aaron for being put in a position as a scapegoat for the person who actually committed the crime.

I totally understood his defiance and anger at the wolves for his predicament. Especially when he had a very good reason for being part of the rebellion in the first place.

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Well written and intriguing. Overall it was a good read but could have been a lot better. And then the fireworks start. In Miami, the alcoholic and mediocre F. Tucker travels there to find that Jackson is an intelligent, belligerent and gorgeous young man who tells him the odds are against his ever showing up in court alive. After a serious and almost successful attempt on their lives at the airport in Miami, Tucker learns that someone in the F.

They simply want him dead, and think that Tucker is expendable as well. Not knowing who they can trust, Tucker and Jackson find a car and start driving toward Georgia and the federal judge familiar with the case. Somewhere during that long, dangerous drive, they both learn face the truth about themselves and those they trust, as well as their own inner strengths.

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Review: This is not the first book that I have read written by Shannon but it is the first romantic suspense. It comes off very dark and a bit too wild for me. Jackson would do everything and anything for his twin Dylan. That included getting him out of trouble that would definitely get him killed. Ryan had lost his wife a little over two years ago, but he continues to feel guilty.

So when he was asked by his boss to bring back a witness, he was surprised but willing. It would seem that Jackson was not the only one with surprises. After reading this I will definitely look at twins a bit different. There are a lot of surprises and twist to this story. There is no hint on who is behind it all and when the truth came out my jaw just dropped. It is a story that will definitely have you guessing, looking at all of the angles and a bit turned on.

I would recommend reading this story. EMTs rush them to the hospital where Connor effects a daring escape with his unconscious mate. There is nothing better than a good paranormal romance with two gorgeous men involved. This particular series has always been good, but with each book, it gets a bit harder to work through it.

Name That Book cont. Part II

It is just a bit confusing with all the characters fighting with each other. Connor is basically a third wheel, going out with his friends and not really paying too much attention to the outside world. On the way home, they are involved in an accident, which one of the injured is his mate. A mate that is hated by all wolves.

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There are always questions without answers and they need to find out what they are. Jeremy knows who he is, the fact that he is around wolves, but the rest of his life is just in a haze from the accident. He knows that he is one of the top hated humans, but there is a surprise. His wolf wants Nicky but his human side wants his mate. How the hell does he get into these messes?

He was once a well-known heart surgeon and now he is wanted dead by all wolves. His father was dead, but there had to be answers out there somewhere that could help them. When these two men, get together it is hot and very sexy. I had a blast reading it, but it left me hanging on the end. It was not one of my favorites though. There was something off about the book that drove me nuts.

This book is full of tension, anger, hate, lust, hot sex, and love. Gorgeous men, sexy shifters, excitement, action, and danger is just a part of this story.

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I would recommend reading this book. Be ready for a late night. His plan to marry a nice girl, settle down, and have a couple of kids seems to be right on track—until the mating urge hits the cougar shifter on one dark of the moon night. He soon realizes that the only mate for him is the gorgeous, young, hard-drinking, wild-as-hell. Travis Sutherland. Camron tries his best to roll with the punches.

He tries to explain to Travis how things will be.