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Common Sense from Uncommon Investors

Being a Towel Above your raising Pank Rembrandt Octopus Girl Hambug Fumble the bag The seagull I think back to my childhood as a young boy and I can recall my mother reciting a saying she heard from her mother my grandmother on the island of Jamaica as a little girl. While I have no proof, knowing the culture the way I do, I suspect that this simple little saying has been passed down a few generations. Clarity without consistent action is daydreaming. Consistent action without clarity is wasted time and effort.

Uncommon Common Sense: Cyber Sales

Just as the tools of successful mountaineering have changed and improved over time, so have the requirements of intentional leadership. Based on 33 years of working with organizations globally, teaching leaders and observing powerful shifts, Mark has identified three essential areas of focus for leaders in the world:. Inspiration: motivation to the power of purpose Culture: creating an engine that sustains vision and values while achieving desired results Emotion: designing and delivering positive emotions for customers and employees.

In this program, Mark explains how five very different businesses use clarity of purpose and consistent action to flourish in their given fields. He shows how they have harnessed and successfully employed the three essentials in their practices and how it is possible to improve your own business dramatically by learning from these real-world examples. Or what happens when complacency, outdated thinking or weariness stunts performance?

Common Sense, Uncommon Sense: The Buddha’s Message

What do you do when growth stalls, or when your team is working below its true potential? It is easy to become complacent and rest on past accomplishments while competitors are biting at your heels.

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You either keep increasing your lead or run the risk of being overtaken by Numbers Two through Five. This highly motivational presentation explains how you can become a Fred … providing you the means to reinvent your business and life through self-mastery, vision, empowerment, and service.

Frank Lloyd Wright - There is nothing more uncommon than

This program is a powerful way to get everyone from frontline employees to upper management focused on the importance of self-responsibility and creating value for those with whom we work and live with. It goes beyond the workplace to show viewers how to enrich their personal lives as well.

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  • Is your leadership ordinary or extraordinary? Have you considered what makes the difference? The proof is in the results you get from the people you lead.

    I actively ride a road bike which has a similar problem. This is about a vehicle and weapon with more control, power, and protection sharing a space with a more fragile vehicle that is extremely vulnerable.

    Common Sense from Uncommon Investors

    Whether on the water or on the road, I am simply amazed at how close some people choose to go or perhaps they are not paying attention. If you are behind the wheel or holding the tiller, the awareness level needs to be extremely high.

    If you are driving a power boat it needs to be even higher because you have the ability to easily control speed and direction. A simple 2 degree course or small speed change 1 to 2 minutes out can create a comfortable buffer and no drama for either boat.