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How might human space exploration have been different if President John F. Kennedy, architect of the Apollo lunar program, had lived to serve out his first, or even a second, term?

The 'Mean Girls' effect: teenagers and the quest for popularity

Frank White is the author or co-author of 10 books, ranging in subject matter from space exploration to climate change. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday. I do a lot of this kind of stuff as you could imagine, and [Tom] was able to get into things that I actually care about, things that I think are actually the punchline, and I enjoyed it.

I had a wonderful time. I appreciate Tom's passion and willingness to deep dive into such an array of topics Amazing show, amazing mission. Oh I loved it It felt like I think Tom is amazing, the whole crew is amazing.

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  7. Thank you for giving me a chance to share a little bit about myself. I thought Impact Theory was amazing.

    I don't think so, especially if paid open access just continues to enrich a small number of commercial journal publishers. We have also seen the emergence of predatory OA journals with no peer review or other quality control measures, and that, too, has undermined the OA movement.

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    7. We can pressure publishers to lower APC charges, but if they have control of the platforms and key journals, they will continue to extract high fees even in an OA world. So far, they have successfully prevented collective bargaining through confidentiality agreements and other legal means.

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      I am director of the Media Lab and a board member at the press. Our aim is to create a new open knowledge ecosystem. The goal is to develop and deploy infrastructure to allow free, rigorous, and open sharing of knowledge and to start a movement toward greater institutional and public ownership of that infrastructure, reclaiming territory ceded to publishers and commercial technology providers.

      In some ways, the solution might be similar to what blogging was to online publishing. Blogs were simple scripts, free and open source software, and a bunch of open standards that interoperate between services.

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      They allowed us to create simple and very low cost informal publishing platforms that did what you used to have to buy multimillion-dollar Content Management Systems for. Blogs led the way for user generated content and eventually social media. While academic publishing is more complex, a refactoring and an overhaul of the software, protocols, processes, and business underlying such publishing could revolutionize it financially as well as structurally.

      A proudly Australian owned Commercial Security and Property Service provider.

      We are developing a new open source and modern publishing platform called PubPub and a global, distributed method of understanding public knowledge called Underlay. We have established a lab to develop, test, and deploy other technologies, systems, and processes that will help researchers and their institutions. They would have access to an ecosystem of open source tools and an open and transparent network to publish, understand, and evaluate scholarly work.

      We imagine developing new measures of impact and novelty with more transparent peer review ; publishing peer reviews ; and using machine learning to help identify novel ideas and people and mitigate systemic biases, among other things. It is imperative that we establish an open innovation ecosystem as an alternative to the control that a handful of commercial entities maintain over not only the markets for research information but also over academic reputation systems and research technologies more generally.

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      One of the main pillars of academic reputation is authorship, which has become increasingly problematic as science has become more collaborative. Who gets credit for research and discovery can have a huge impact on researchers and institutions. But the order of author names on a journal article has no standardized meaning. It is often determined more by seniority and academic culture than by actual effort or expertise.