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Loss by Pijn. Also just a great album.

If you like Curse These Metal Hands, you may also like:. I love the build up to 'A Flood of Light', which is such a big track, then the way they close the album.

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Solid front to back. Glad I found this. Lower by At The Graves. This one-man sludgy shoegaze project from Baltimore mixes pummeling percussion with gluey, dreamy melodies. The Tides Will Prevail by Kenoma. The debut full-length from Kenoma is full of spacious, haunting songs that steadily build to great rushes of sound.

Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music. Riffs Merch video. Eric Gedenk. Eric Gedenk What a refreshing album. Progressive metal has meant less and less in recent years, but the sound on this album feels organic, natural, and original. Great tracks.

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Hubort First metal album in a while that blew me away. Great riffs, great rhythms, and outstanding compositions all along. Favorite track: The Pall. Awesome stuff Alberto Meneghini.

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    Looking for a specific item? Place buy order View more details. Buy Now. Hood of the Conjurer Dota 2. Showing 1 - 10 of 1, results. Cancel Close. Congratulations on your purchase! You can view your new item in your inventory. The courts are based on the traditional faces, but recreated to still be unique to this deck. The box that you would usually see around the standard courts have been removed to add a cleaner and more simplistic look to them.

    A magical element has been incorporated into every King, Queen and Jack card, from Houdini's famous handcuffs to the most popular animals in magic - doves and rabbits. As magic and cardistry is the essence of this deck, The Conjurer will be printed with Cartamundi's new B9 Slimline also known as E7. This stock is thinner than their famous B9 True Linen finish which was used on the previous Arcadia deck, the Pride of Peacocks and is more in line with USPCC's crushed stock decks when it comes to thickness.

    However, it still has the same embossed texture and feel to it as the B9 True Linen Finish. They'll simply be more "snappy", whilst still having the same smoothness of the B9. The beautiful tuck boxes will be embossed and printed with hot foil stamping in white and gold. We'll use luxurious, FSC-certified, matte cardboard dyed in imperial red and cobalt blue. The boxes will be traditionally crafted by Clove St. Press on direct impression printing machines.

    If the stretch goal is reached, the tucks will also be printed on the inside. Just as the cards, the tuck design depicts illusions, objects and animals magicians have been using for decades, with the classic bird cage in the center. The more funds this project raises, the more exciting extras will be added. The stretch goals will be unlocked as follows:. We've tried our best to keep shipping prices as low as possible and we're happy to share with you that all backers in USA will receive free shipping when pledging for rewards with 4 decks or more.

    When Clove St. Press have made the boxes, these will be shipped to Cartamundi where the tucks will be assembled and the decks will be completed. Then they will be sent to 52 Wonders in Germany where the EU fulfillment will be done and to Gambler's Warehouse in Texas where the rest of the word fulfillment will be completed. The estimated delivery date for The Conjurer is the start of December so if you want to be early with your Christmas shopping then this is your opportunity! Gaff cards are fun, but unfortunately only two can fit in the deck.

    Curse These Metal Hands

    One of the cards will be a blue and red double backer. This card was chosen as it allows you to perform several stunning effects, such as Criss Angel's Colour Changing Deck. The second gaff card will be decided by you! Below you'll find a few mockups. Simply leave a comment in the comment section of what card you think should be included or send a message. The most popular one will end up in the deck. If we reach our funding goal for The Conjurer, this will be the second Arcadia deck brought to life through Kickstarter. The first project, the Pride of Peacocks deck , has provided us with many valuable lessons on what it takes to manufacture a deck.

    Through this journey, we have been building close relationships with suppliers and fulfillment centers. We have learnt from all mistakes and successes, something that has enabled us to bring The Conjurer to the table. Many challenges can arise when creating a brand new deck of cards, such as production delays and shipping issues. However, we have prepared ourselves for the worst.

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    As mentioned above, we have already crowdfunded and manufactured a deck of playing cards, the Pride of Peacocks. When creating this deck, we experienced a month delay due to an unexpected paper supplier issue. However, we are now more knowledgeable of how long each process takes and of the do's and don'ts, so we know what to watch out for. The estimated delivery date for The Conjurer is the start of December.