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You have different approaches depending on your situation.

This is what can be so beneficial from riding a range of horses. If you want to beat nerves, repeat repeat repeat. The more you repeat the action, the better you will become and you'll feel those nerves slowing dying away. So here are our top 5 tips on what to think about to get in that zone of confidence and just go for it:. Remember that your horse or pony can probably jump that from walk or stand still. Reminding yourself of this can help to shrink your nerves and the obstacle in your head so that you ride into that jump as if it were a tiny cross-pole.

If your horse has hang ups about the size of the jump, you can remind them of this too. Sing, chant or count.

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It really helped to calm me down. Distract and then go without letting your mind try and talk you out of it! See that green grass on the other side. Focus on your horses experience, rather than your own. They need help too, your horse needs the encouragement and to be guided safely. Imagine you are teaching someone else to ride, or teaching this horse to jump, find confidence to give to them.

Even if they are the most confident horse, you can still pretend to yourself that they're the ones with the nerves and you are the confident one helping them through. Don't be embarrassed to seek help. Another great piece of advice from ambassador Daisy is to get an instructor if you think you may have more serious issues with your confidence. Or if you already have lessons and are suffering from confidence issues, try a few private lessons or try out a new instructor. They help you bring the control back to you. Practical ways to improve yours and your horses jumping confidence:.

Soon your puppy will have those paws on the floor all of the time.

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If at any point your puppy manages to jump, simply turn away and ignore her, then start over, making it a little easier for her to succeed. Gradually build the level of excitement. One of the challenges that puppy parents face is an approaching person who loves having an adorable little puppy jump on him. Let's face it, when you are walking a puppy you are a magnet for people who want to interact with your adorable pet! We all hear: "That's OK, I'm a dog person.

How I Learned to Jump!

I don't mind. It's easier to get the necessary buy-in if the person you encounter feels that he is being included in the training process rather than restricted from interacting with your irresistible puppy. If he complies, he receives the reward of playing with your puppy.

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Positive reinforcement works on people, too! Remember to reward your puppy for not jumping on you or other members of your family, too. Consistency is the key to your success. Be sure that every greeting is treated as a learning opportunity. Entering a room where a puppy is waiting, there is often a flurry of happy activity—as though your puppy has been alone for the past three days instead of only three minutes! Whenever you enter a space where your puppy is waiting for you excitedly, be ready to click and treat for those paws on the floor.

If your puppy is behind a baby gate, click and treat paws on the floor until your puppy is calm enough for you to enter. Practice going in and out of the room, clicking and treating for paws on the floor over and over again so that your puppy can practice offering you this good behavior. If you reward her each and every time for staying down, your puppy will eventually choose not to jump at all. Puppies that are crated will usually zoom out of the crate as if making a jail break.

Jumping soon follows. Help her to exit calmly. Click and treat your puppy for sitting in the crate before you let her out. When you open the door, immediately click and treat for all four paws on the floor. Do the same in any situation that is likely to cause your puppy to jump. The better you are at clicking and treating before a jump has occurred, the faster your puppy will learn.

There is one other exercise that you can do with your puppy that can help her stay calm enough to remain on the floor in an exciting situation.

Practice moving around quickly so that your puppy is excited enough to jump on you. Just as she is about to jump, stop moving and click and treat before she jumps. Start out moving slowly, and gradually increase the level of excitement until you are able to run around the room with your puppy without her jumping on you when you stop. You now have a puppy that can go from mph to 0 mph in one second flat! By keeping her paws on the floor throughout all these exercises, your puppy will not only be rewarded with treats, but she'll get the attention she craves.

Staying on the ground calmly will soon be her default position. With time and practice, the treats will no longer be necessary every single time your puppy soon-to-be larger dog! In fact, staying on the floor will become her first choice. Give it a try. It's a win-win for everyone.

Your First Jumping Lesson

Sarah is also director of the Foster Dog Alliance, a program that assists people who foster dogs for rescues and shelters in order to make their dogs more adoptable through positive training. She finds herself constantly and happily surrounded by puppies in her numerous puppy classes for residents of the DC metro area. Sign up for our newsletters and get articles, new products, events, and exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox! Have Questions? Don't jump! As with extinguishing any undesirable behavior, curbing jumping is a two-part process:. Emma learns how to greet politely.

Jumping to conclusions can hurt a relationship. These 5 ways will slow you down.

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