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I have several Kindles and Nooks, hardcover copies, paperback editions, and collect signed first editions. I love to read and write reviews. I am obsessed with books!!

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This is just turning your life completely upside down and shaking all the pieces loose and seeing what comes up. Yes, and Michael really wanted to be a father. You play that sense of loss and a desire for parenthood throughout the book, not only with him and Angela but with Erica, his ex, and also with the detective, Griffin.

Somebody's Daughter

Did you have the plot first and then go back and add all the emotional complexity, or did it come all of a piece? It starts with just that initial idea. She just kind of appeared in the book as one of the point-of-view characters. So, yeah, a lot of those emotional layers start to come to the surface as I write, as I start to see where other characters can fit the emotional complexities of the story as well.

Okay, imagine you could be a literary Obi-Wan or Yoda for a little while. What advice would you give to aspiring writers? The first thing I would say is, you have to write what you want to write. So you have to really just try to write what you are interested in writing and what you think is original and unique, not what you think other people want to read and not what you think the trend is.

I would also recommend networking. There is a parallelism drawn in the story between the twin's life and the mother Emma's past, which helps her in advising her child and facing her own mistakes.

But this book is not about parenting. It is about how one act can destroy lives and how difficult it is to come out of the scandal, because the world does not allow you to forget, even if you want to. This book is for parents of teenagers, read it and then give it to your teenage kids, so that they realize the significance of social media, and going viral may not always be a good thing.

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The writing is beautiful, crisp and clear, and she conveys her message well. But for me, I wasn't very worried or engaged in their lives and what happened. The father is such a simpleton, a typical type A idiot trying to force everything into his tiny little box. What I found refreshing is that Zoe, the 15 year old daughter who fooled around, was so honest and open about what happened.

Were all of the events and reactions plausible and well described? But it didn't make it a very com The writing is beautiful, crisp and clear, and she conveys her message well. But it didn't make it a very compelling story for me. Three stars means I liked it. I'd also recommend it to some of my female friends more than to my male buddies.

Somebody's Daughter by David Bell

I look forward to Rochelle's next book. I hope it has more punch to it. View all 3 comments. I absolutely love this author, but this book, WOW! I finished it in a few hours and could not put it down.

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First, the subject matter is so important, it is something that many parents really would rather ignore. The character development is amazing, you feel as if you know each of them , and you love them for their strengths and their weaknesses. I could not wait to see how the plot unfolded, and then was so sad when the book was finished. I was so moved, I sat on a public beach with tears quietl I absolutely love this author, but this book, WOW! I was so moved, I sat on a public beach with tears quietly running down my face.

I so value how she touches on topics that are so pertinent in current society, she makes you question the current norm. Emma Ross has a pretty great life. Beautiful twin daughters, Zoe and Lily, who have just turned fifteen.

A handsome husband, Bobby, whom she's loved since they were kids. Emma and Bobby live in the hotel they own and manage, the Ross, which sits ocean-side in Miami. But everything changes when an inappropriate video surfaces of Zoe and a boy--and quickly goes viral. The video not only humiliates Zoe, but it forces Emma to confront some hidden memories from her own past. As Bobby turns on Zoe, Emma feels as if he's turning on her, too. Can she save her daughter's reputation--and her family?

So this is a very timely book --as it seems like sexting and its repercussions is everywhere right now--and its horrifying to see how quickly one bad decision can affect the course of so many kids' lives. Unfortunately, this one fell flat for me. I actually really liked Zoe--and even her twin, though she wasn't as prominently featured-- but the book was told from Emma's perspective, and she drove me crazy. It's made clear from the beginning that Zoe's incident parallels something Emma herself did as a teen or young woman.

But, of course, we can't just be told what that is. Heaven forbid. Instead, there are constant allusions to whatever happened, or Emma mentioning it to herself, since it's a secret and agonizing whether she should tell Zoe or her husband, or blah blah blah. We go over half the book before finding out what really happened and by then I was way too annoyed to care. Not to mention, Emma's husband, Bobby, is a total jerk. I had zero sympathy for him and honestly wished either Emma or the kids would just kick him to the curb.

Most of the book is Bobby sniping at Emma or his fifteen-year-old daughter, who has just been through a huge trauma! Rinse and repeat. I found myself sort of skimming waiting to see if more was going to happen. It really didn't. It's a shame, because there was real potential with Zoe's character , and the message of the book--about the dangers of sexting--is a good one, I think. I couldn't handle how long it took to reveal Emma's past, especially after all the build-up to said revelation. The rehashed bickering between Emma and Bobby is just way too much and I couldn't stand Bobby whatsoever.

I felt so bad for those poor kids. And, of course, to end it all, we have a predictable ending that you could see coming a mile away. I should have abandoned this one, but I kept holding out hope it would surprise me. It did not. I am not sure even as adults we fully understand the repercussions of the digital footprint we leave. Tweens and teens cannot comprehend the possibly life long impact that some choices can make. I cannot imagine 4. I cannot imagine living in a boutique hotel in Miami beach.

Their lifestyle is so foreign to me but the author did a good job making me relate to them as parents even though I couldn't comprehend their lifestyle. I received an advance reader's copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Mar 28, Susan Peterson rated it it was amazing. The Ross family is a loving, close-knit family, until their lives are rocked by a scandal that torments them and threatens to tear them apart. The author pulls no punches The characters in this story are so real, that I felt their emotions deep in my own heart.

Their story is riveting and timely, and I know that it will resonate with all mothers, daughters, and fathers. It is a story of betrayal and forgiveness, bravery and resilience, and above all, love. Apr 21, PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps rated it really liked it. Then a video of the quieter twin Zoe surfaces, throwing this seemingly perfect family into turmoil, chaos they may not survive intact. Narrated by angsty Emma, whose desperately trying to be helpful amid her own past mistakes. At times I wanted to shake her and give her a clue.