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Remembering where you parked? What would a mind like Google mean to you? Keep up with the latest from Memory Researcher Dr. Genovese at his website. Summer, , Rusty loses his job as a Lake Erie tugboat deckhand and can no longer afford his charter boat business.

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Out of work, out of hope and with a family to feed, he desperately turns to hauling grape juice for the mysterious Trapani clan despite his suspicions. After several successful trips, Al Trapani offers him an opportunity to run illegal alcohol from Canada. Rusty reluctantly agrees to try it just once. As Rusty slips into the underground world of rum running, he comes to realize he is losing far more than his principles-he is jeopardizing his marriage and his life. But getting out is not easy. Hunted by a sadistic renegade Coast Guard captain, Rusty soon finds himself in the captain's crosshair, forcing him to challenge not only his principles, but his perception of good and evil.

The s roar to life as Rusty's rum running legend grows. Durkee holds readers on course and breezing through this engaging tale of love, wickedness, revenge and morality. It's all these elements, wound into a satisfying and realistic story line backed by historical fact, that make Rum Run a winning account. Written by a licensed psychotherapist, Shrink Wrapped is a collection of a dozen short stories with a common theme running through each, unifying them as a whole.

These stories attempt to tug at the reader, raising questions, asking the reader to consider a perspective on human suffering outside trite, contemporary notions of sanity and insanity. For instance, there is the story of Sara, in "Finding Cannon," whose grief over the loss of her grandmother results in a stigmatizing label of depression and jeopardizes her standing as a medical student. In "Seeing Red," Donald lays on the street, injured, believing he is about to die.

He hopes to grab hold of a peaceful memory for solace. Instead, his life's regret comes into focus.

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There's Mary Lee and Teddy who seek out Dr. Cutter, a renowned marriage therapist, for his services in "Blowback. As well, there is Jerry in "'For it is just this question of pain that parts us,'" who is forced to explore his psychosis, although he may be ill prepared to do so.

Poignant and thought provoking Sigmund Freud meets the Twilight Zone Gutsy yet refined, nerve-wracking and intense. Katie Nelson, a program officer at Atlanta's largest charitable foundation, has the job everyone wants:, giving away other people's money. But when her latest grant recommendation literally goes up in flames, killing an unknown Latina woman in the process, everyone becomes a suspect.

Was it a hate crime, an inside job or something more insidious?

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Even her new romance with a foundation trustee leaves her questioning his potential involvement. Following her hunches, headstrong Katie unwittingly places herself in mortal danger. Who's looking out for her and who's trying to do her in? There is an honesty and humanness about these characters which is enormously refreshing. For most Americans, with the end of the Cold War and the seeming beginning of an era of peace, was a year of hope.

For Sgt. Hank Bean, D. Trapped in a basement with misfit soldiers, Bean receives a phone call from a mystery man identifying himself only as "Gus. You start throwing in with the hapless, feckless speaker and rooting for him, as you do with bent, failed detectives. You have a good time seeing someone have a bad time. It's fun Get the book.

A robust page-turner, ample proof that fiction still has the power to surprise, delight and inform. Sheppard stakes out his territory with the risky yet unimpeachable flair that has become his trademark. It's a real page-turner, but also dazzling writing throughout. Sheppard is the missing link between so many writers, from Nelson Algren to Charles Willeford. The year is when Morgan Westphal, a private investigator, is asked to investigate the rape and attempted murder of Sophia Parmenter, the wife of an army major assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

As a civilian, Morgan at first has no wish to become involved in what he believes is a purely army affair until he is told LeCroix is the man who saved his life in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Morgan's investigation has barely started when the regiment is suddenly deployed to Mexico as part of the Punitive Expedition in pursuit of Pancho Villa. By the time Morgan solves the crime, he will make a long, solitary, and dangerous horseback ride deep into a turbulent Mexico, risk his life during a deadly encounter with Mexican bandits, and re-examine his own feelings concerning racial equality.

A Troublesome Affair is a mystery with intricately connected characters caught up in a turbulent current of racial tension and armed conflict between the United States and Mexico. Military, but America writ large. Army Retired.

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An engaging plot, with multiple twists and turns, moves along at a crisp pace and keeps readers guessing until the last few pages. It is an interesting story with strong characters and held my attention from beginning to end.

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Not only will it "keep you guessing" until the end but "keep you thinking" long after you turn the last page. An imaginative tale of a man who didn't just see the future-he lived it. College student Paul Vance has no idea what he's letting himself in for when he signs up for extra help in his physics class with the mysterious professor Nazar Trobik, a man who seems to be a genus but with skeletons in his closet.

The story line was fast paced with a great twist. He amazes me with the number of characters he creates without losing you. This book will be interesting for anyone, science oriented or not. Nice romance, along with some intrigue.

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Great book. Buckner has written an engaging science fiction novel which could have happened. He has done similes numerous and humorous while keeping the reader anticipating and guessing with a sense of urgency. All around good read.

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Cates, NASA. Volume 3 in the Edward Ware Thriller Series When little Thomasina Ware visits him as a red-haired, fair-cheeked baby, Adolf Hitler puts in effect his master plan to take the ideal Aryan baby girl and remake her as his own, raising her to think like him, sound like him, and look like him as much as a girl can. He hires a spy to steal the baby away from her parents when they aren't looking and deliver her to Hitler's mountain retreat. He tells Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain that she's just visiting. The Prime Minister thinks it's charming so her real parents back in England can't protest.

The farce goes on and on and when the Second World War starts it's too late to get her back. But Major General Ware, the child's father, vows to free his daughter or else. Second only to defeating Germany, it becomes his most important goal "Best historical novel I've read in years. I learned a lot about the Third Reich that I never suspected. Three cheers for the Cargills! It's so exciting that it's getting published.

It deserves it. I can't wait to buy a copy. I'll be first in line. So will my friends. I want to read the sequel. Please write one. I'm a World War II nut. I've even been on a Band of Brothers tour for D-Day. But the picture of Hitler in "Hitler's Daughter" is really unique. Instead of being a two-dimensional villian, the authors really explore his motives for kidnapping the little girl.

e-book Sexplosions: Power Surge Book One (Superhero Erotic Romance)

My father was in the U. Air Force. I was born in England, though I've never been back there since. It all comes back again.