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Sarah Hall: sex, death and the short story

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Taking his hands, she placed them on her bouncing tits. Rolling her nipples back and forth between his fingers and tugging on her breasts, he thrust up into her over and over again as Heather threw her head back moaning loudly. I found one of my hands traveling up to lazily play with my nipples.

My other hand slowly rubbing the lips of my pussy, feeling myself beginning to get wet. After some time had passed Heather climaxed loudly. From the sounds he made I could tell he did as he was told. They both then collapsed on the bed and laying together their legs entwined, fell asleep. Finding myself still aroused, I slid two fingers into my very wet pussy. Using my other hand I rubbed my clit and came several times; the picture of Heather on top of Mark etched into my brain.

The next morning I got up early and left before they awoke. Heather and I never talked about it although the same thing did happen from time to time during the semester. One night a few months later I arrived back to our dorm to find Heather sitting on what was left of her bed. There was splintered wood everywhere. Her mattress was on the floor covered in debris. She told me she and Mark had been goofing around. Jumping on the bed when the whole thing just collapsed. He had left leaving her to clean it up.

I went over and tried helping her. We soon realized we were both a little too drunk. Amy bit her lip for a moment and smiled.

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As long as I told him all about it. He loves the thought that I am out like this. Carrie eyes conveyed a bit of shock and jealousy. After a few more drinks and as many rejections by Amy of men who approached her, the club situation shifted into a higher gear. Woman were rubbing the hard cocks of men through their pants as they kissed them, and men were slipping their hands under the tops, skirts, and dresses of women.

"Erotic Stories" Eating her out next to her friend

Then they ran into the hot dark haired man Amy had spotted at the beginning of the night. He waited until we were on the elevator before thanking me. I just flirted with him, made him feel like a Don Juan, and rubbed myself against him on the dance floor. I was really worried about losing this account.

But when I saw you on the dance floor with him, I was worried that you were going to get pressured to do something more, something I would not want you to do. I knew just how far to push him where I could still extricate myself. Upon entering my room, I saw that we had left the doors connecting the adjoining rooms open.

I took a deep breath.


I felt myself blush at my boldness. I was a married woman. What was I thinking? He was making sure he understood what I was saying. Perhaps it was the three glasses of chardonnay and the two mojitos, or perhaps it was the fact that my husband had not touched me intimately in over three months, but I was very attracted to Tom at this moment.

I did not want this evening to end. I did not want to be alone.

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I walked him to the door. We hugged and kissed goodnight. I loved the feeling of being naked and kissing a fully clothed man. After getting the water temperature perfect I stepped in to the flow of soothing water, letting it envelop my body. I love the feeling of the warm water cascading through my hair, following the curve of my back, and curling around my ass as it dribbles away from my pussy. My old fantasy of joining a swingers club started to return. Were they really like I imagined? Groups of beautiful naked bodies twisting and cavorting in ecstasy?

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  6. Strangers staring at my body with desire and probing me with their fingers among other things? I shifted my stance in the shower changing the warm flow. The path now took the water mostly down my front ending with the water dripping off my hard nipples. I loaded my puff with bath lotion and started slowly caressing myself, lost in fantasy.

    I imagined that two way mirrors hid club members from my view as they watched me showering. I gently tugged on my hard soapy nipples.