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The elevator opened on the basement level of the hospital garage. Ian reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. My car's right over there. Ellen hurried to Ian's car and waited as he unlocked the door and opened it for her. He ran to the driver's side and got in. Unable to sleep, Hannibal got off the couch and walked toward Frankie.

Bending slightly, he shook Frankie's shoulder, waking him. Let's let BA and Murdock get some sleep. Frankie stretched his arms and stifled a yawn. Oh, yeah, sure Johnny. I didn't realize how tired I was. How's Face doing? His fever was down. I think he's going to be okay. The door swung open, and Murdock rushed in, breathless. Face and BA were…..

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Ellen is….. Hannibal hurried to Murdock. What's going on?

Murdock closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and exhaled. I went to get Popsicles for Face. His throat hurt. When I came back, Face and BA were on the floor, unconscious.


Ellen's gone. Hannibal pulled Murdock's arm.

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The three men ran down the hall to Face's room. One of the nurses was talking to BA. BA snarled, "I said I ain't leaving my friend, and I meant it. I'm fine. You just take care of him. Face was back in bed, unconscious, the IV's now established in his right arm.

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Fresh bandages were on his left arm where the IV's had been pulled out. Bentley entered the room. One of the nurses hurried up to him and updated him on Face's condition as well as the events that had happened. Bentley frowned and went to examine Face. He thumbed through Face's chart, making notations. When he was finished, he walked over to Hannibal.

His pulse is strong. His vitals are within the normal range. I think he's just tired. The nurse told me that Ian treated him when his fever spiked.

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I'd like to thank you for taking a chance on Ian. He did a good job. Templeton's fever is down to 99 now. We know the cause of the cardiac arrest. He had an overdose of morphine, probably injected into his IV line. Bentley locked eyes with Hannibal. Hannibal fumbled to pull his cigar out of his pocket. He rolled it between his fingers.

But Face isn't safe here. I need to get him out of here. I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Bentley thought for moment, then spoke. I'll get back to you. Face opened his eyes. He immediately thought of BA falling to the floor. He tried to sit up, but didn't have the strength to push himself up.

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  • Hannibal reached out, placing his hand on Face's shoulder. Everything's okay. I've got to…"Face whispered. He reached out his hand. He's right over there. Murdock and Frankie are fine too. He snapped them open. She was here. Hannibal hesitated. Face was supposed to avoid stress. But he obviously knew something was going on. He'd seen Ellen himself. Hannibal took a deep breath, then bent down to Face.

    Face looked at Hannibal, and saw the pain in his eyes. She came here to — she came here to kill you. She's not really your sister.

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    She works for Stockwell. Damn it, Face, I'm so sorry. Face blinked a couple of times and said nothing.

    Ellen wasn't his sister. That meant AJ wasn't his father. That meant he really was a throwaway child. Face turned his head and closed his eyes, wishing he could just be left alone, knowing that he couldn't be.