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The Salvage Assoc. Lawrence River near Kingston, to A. The salvage company took the contract on a no-cure-no-pay basis and will be paid a percentage of the value of what it recovers. Wreckers have examined the wreck but none, except the company which has the contract, would bid for the job. Buffalo Commercial Advertiser August 26, The Compressed Air Salvage Co. Lawrence River near Kingston, has started wrecking operations and expect to have the boat up in a short while.

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The vessel is to be floated by having air pumped into her hold to displace the water. Buffalo Commercial Advertiser October 14, Vesselmen are watching with keen interest the outcome of the wrecking operations which have just started near Chippewa Pt.

Upper lake wreckers who visited the spot last winter made soundings over the submerged ship regard the task of raising her as hopeless owing to the great depth of water. Since then Contractor A. Lee of Montreal has been enlisted in the work and he is on the scene with divers and wrecking outfit on board the stmb. As this method is new in these parts the operations will be followed closely by boat owners.

The KEYSTORM lies in one of the deepest parts of the river and if she is brought safely to the surface it will be a great feather in the cap of the contractor. Buffalo Commercial Advertiser October 27, She is steel in structure feet long and has a 43 foot beam. While being navigated through dense fog, she foundered on Scow Island Outer Shoal, twelve miles from Brockville, within the American boundary of the St. Her starboard bow gave way to the impact and four and a half hours later, after her crew of twenty gathered belongings and sought safety, she sank stern first into from 25 to feet water.

The collier was only 3 years old, and 2 weeks previous to her sinking she was put in charge of Captain L. Mate LeBoeuf was in command at the time but had aroused Daignault to the wheel when the mishap occurred. W 75 degrees, 49 minutes, 20 seconds. The water poured in and put out her fires. Reports of the number of survivors varied from 17 to 32 and the number lost varied from 18 to A great write up on the ironsides and the wreck located here. About people went down with her, and 86 others were saved. It was two years old when it sank off Thunder Bay in a collision with the steamer Meteor.

The ship suffered a large hole in the port bow and sank within minutes taking at least 33 passengers and crewmen. Several attempts were later made to retrieve the valuable copper cargo, using diving bells, clamshells and dynamite. They left the hull intact, but all of the cabins were destroyed.

Lake Huron, Aug. Vessel a total loss with the loss of 40 lives. Merchant Steam Vessels of the U. Lytle-Holdcamper List to The news yet received is meagre and unsatisfactory, but sufficent to convey the melancholy information that many lives have been lost. The facts so far as we have been able to obtain them are these:—The propeller PEWABIC heavily loaded with ore from the mining region, and with a large load of passengers, downward bound, and due here today was run into by the propeller METEOR, of the same line, upward bound, in the darkness, on Wednesday night, in Thunder Bay, lake Huron.

The dispatch received states the number of lives lost at seventy-five to one hundred. The Rev. The accident occurring in the night when many of the passengers had probably retired to their state rooms, the great freight of ore which caused the boat to sink in three minutes, only adds to the terrible features of the calamity. Detroit, Aug. At the time the accident occurred it was scarcely dark and the boats saw each other six miles apart. The names of 75 passengers and 23 of the crew are known.

Loss of life cannot be correctly ascertained yet, but will be near one hundred. The METEOR remained near the scene of the disaster until morning in the hope of picking up any persons that might be still floating on pieces of the wreck, but none were found. The following named passengers are known to be lost: Miss F. Wright, Detroit; Mrs. Hall and two children, Copper Harbor; W. Blackwell, Ontonagon; John Tracy, Cleveland. Crew Lost: 1st. Engineer R. Jackson and wife, Detroit; 1st. Passengers Saved: C. Porter and wife, Elgin, Ohio; Mrs.

Mills, Elgin, Ohio; A. Foster, Churchill, Canada West; Mr. Reno, Canada West; Mr. Tilden, Cumberland O. Hatham wife and child, Bridgewater; Mr. McKnight and wife, Detroit; Mrs.

Kauffmann, Martina, Ohio; Mrs. Honstation, Canada West; J. Ashmead, Hartford, Conn.

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Baker, Detroit; J. Bucklin, Hamblin; J. Roberts, Ohio; B. Mercer, Columbus, Ohio; Wm. Balto, Canada; Michael Sullivan, Mich. Graham, Marquette; Chas. Connelly, Eagle Harbor; H. Brano, Canada West; W.

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Lester, Detroit; Wm. Hall, Copper Harbor; Dr. Parks, wife and two children, Hancock; Capt. Causin, Haughton; H. Russel, Memphis, Tenn.

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Rumsey, Seneca Falls, N. Wright, Detroit; Dr. Douglass, daughter, and two sons, Ann Arbor; J. Cherry and wife, Delaware, Ohio; J. Warman, wife and daughter, Troy, Ohio. Crew Saved: Capt. Mack, Detroit; secone engineer, Wm. No further particulars have been received from the scene of the late catastrophe on Lake Huron.

It's me. Mell. I do. Hello.

It is proposed also to send a diver to the wreck. The books and papers of the ill-fated steamer were lost. It is, therefore, impossible to give a full list of the passengers who were on board, but the list already telegraphed comprise all that were saved.

Erie Daily Dispatch Saturday, August 12, The verdict is said to have given universal satisfaction. Toledo Blade April 9, We made a brief notice of the dreadful accident by which from 70 to persons their lives by a collision of two steamers at Thunder Bay. The telegraph, as usual, was not correct, the locality of the accident being a long distance from Detroit.

We are able to give further particulars. It seems, from an account in the Detroit Tribune, that the evening was a tolerably clear one, although it had been somewhat rainy, and the lights of each steamer were discernable by the other at a distance of 6 miles. A moderate breeze prevailed and the water was rough.

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The movement of each steamer was plainly observed by the crew as well as passengers upon the other, and the fact of their coming together under such circumstances cannot be explained except on the hypothesis of an almost unaccountable blunder on the part of some one.