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He brings a historical context to his work, too, broadening the horizon beyond the individual and the intimate sphere. He even takes on the delicate topic of how authority can become toxic, even within the very modalities which purport to heal the split between mind and body. They often become devotees of a specialized school: Rolfing, bionenergetics, the Alexander Technique, Lomi work, neo-Reichian therapy, and so on.

Such schools typically become sects with rigid heirarchies of authority, ideal bodies, and ambitious commercial ventures. Thirty years after its publication, the book is hauntingly relevant, given the way computers have advanced in the meantime, infiltrating our lives to a frightening degree.

With the proliferation of images, the spread of information, we have so much more external stuff coming at us, so much to compete with the inner world of sensation and emotion. Our minds are swamped, leaving our bodies numb and passive in the glare of the computer screen. Johnson mentions the tyranny of perfectionism when it comes to the body. Plastic surgery, dieting and body building have spawned massive industries since Body was written, and all of them have taken a correponding toll on the health, pocketbooks and available energies of millions of people who continue to feel worse and worse about themselves.

And health care has even more technical, even more corporate and profit oriented than it ever was before.

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The paper quality, design and typeface, all took me back to the early s, and maybe this brought on an attack of nostalgia. Body struck me as coming from a more idealistic time. Had I read it when it first came out, I would have been in my twenties, a time when I felt a lot less vulnerable, and when I believed that a lot more — for want of a better word — healing, was possible.

In my body, and in the world. Is it just my age, or has the world become less uncompromising, wiser … sadder? He concludes the book with a touching anecdote which acknowledges that these events are part of the cycle of life. She dies a happy woman, surrounded by friends. How close to nature can anyone really get … and is it such a desirable way to live after all? We have a new set of skills to learn. As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I see examples of the need for this learning in my practice, all the time.

I situate myself as an educator, not a therapist, but still a lot of my clients seek me out because conventional medicine has failed them, as indeed it has failed me at times. This is a shame.

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But it has its dangers. At a time when people desperately need help, during a complicated birth, for instance, in a sudden illness or following an accident they are suddenly faced with having to navigate a system they know nothing about. Modern, hi-tech medicine has a way of taking over. Thomas, Ontario. Later, she became a judge, and campaigned for the rights of women throughout her long career. It was Judge Ferguson who, back in , gave me the necessary push to start writing a biography of my grandmother, Mona Gould.

In a matter of weeks, this enormous project will come to fruition and the book will be out.

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Thomas, but she knew she could provide me with a vital link to the past. I felt like I was tapping into a deep well of female strength and creativity. I needed it.

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By that time I had, with deep ambivalence, started sorting through the many chaotic boxes of papers Mona left to the Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto. At least, not for a long while. What struck me instead was that this vital woman was over ninety years old, and had clearly done lots of insurmountable things in her life. Something about the way she simply assumed I would — and could — complete this project seeped in. And I have. I wondered what might have been on her mind from day to day, what she expected in life and what was expected of her. I needed a day like today at the beginning of this trip.

Settling in, just in time to go home again. Three times a day, these groups compete for space in the dining hall, primal fears inducing us to elbow each other out of the way and fill our trays with more food than we can possibly eat. I can almost smell the combination of safety and adventure which thirty years ago opened up the world to me, and me to the world. I remember crying myself to sleep for weeks on end in the dorm with its sandpaper carpet, its mattress covered in squeaky plastic, its pressboard desk facing a wall stained with tape marks from previous inhabitants.

There was the constipating awkwardness of sharing a bathroom with strangers — all of whom seemed so ungovernably rowdy I refused to speak to them for fear of giving offense and being attacked in the night. This soon gave way to excitement as I saw how much was available to me within that little circle of buildings.

Soon, I turned to those formerly-threatening neighbours for dating advice. I came to love the intimacy of the place.

It was painful to put every sentence together. Out of practice, simple as that. Rich material for writing.

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And I always choose writing. Feldenkrais is supposed to calm the nervous system and to be sure, it was chronic pain and allergies that led me to seek out the method and become a practitioner myself. Feldenkrais is no less than ideal for folks like me who pretty much wear their nerves on the outside. It is the only thing that has helped. But only to a point.

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When immersed too much in my body, I become more, not less agitated. Yesterday as I lay on the floor doing a fascinating Awareness Through Movement lesson led by David Kaetz, I could literally feel the impulses firing up and down my spine. The situation was getting worse, not better, and I knew it was time for a day spent with words. Built to look like an old east European shtetl, it houses thousands of Yiddish books which continue to be shipped in, daily, from all over the world, faster than they can be catalogued.

The moment I walked through those doors, I felt the agitation and trouble of the week settle. The centre houses not only books but posters, sheet music, films and recordings. They even have the old printing presses recovered from various sources. You can sit at a listening station to hear music, or visit the theatre at the back, where videos of Yiddish comedy and music play constantly. Best of all there are boxes of books in piles, everywhere.

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The unarchived books are part of the display, and part of the ongoing task of the museum. As a visitor, I felt I might as well open one of the boxes, roll up my sleeves and start working. There was so much to do. The vitality and oppenness of this struck me as lovely.

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Preserving history — through words — is quite simply one of the pillars of my existence. Another kind of spine. Outside I saw a dozen or so standing figures, their faces illuminated by ipads, cel phones and other devices, checking email with the shreds of coverage which can be caught outside the lounge. No one came in though. No one except me. Straight into the heart of the wireless. Where late at night I maintain tabs on my life in Toronto and phone my husband, whom I miss. Miserably so, head- explodingly so. My four year training was a feat of scheduling.