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Creating a management report that project status within a program or portfolio often requires Microsoft PowerPoint or 3rd party software to develop a project dashboard. Executive management simply wants to see status at a glance and spending unnecessary time creating great looking…. In Microsoft Project, you can identify incomplete,…. When I first head about this feature, I was convinced this is the dumbing down of project schedule development.

Learn how to use Inactive Tasks with MS Project As project managers, we know the project schedule will change throughout the course of a project. Dates adjust, resources are swapped, and tasks are added, modified and deleted. Adding and updating task information is straightforward however deleting a task in MS Project raises some theoretical questions….

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure with Microsoft Project

Executive management simply wants to see status at a glance and spending unnecessary time creating great looking… Read more. In Microsoft Project, you can identify incomplete,… Read more. However,… Read more. Zoho Projects has extensive Gantt chart features and capabilities at an affordable price range which creates an all-round project management experience. It has an intuitive Gantt chart that can be operated with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Microsoft Project Tutorial: How to Create Timeline in MS Project – GanttPRO

It supports all four kinds of dependencies, and contains critical path and baseline to help avoid delays. It also contains critical path and baseline to help avoid delays. Zoho Projects comes with features like task management, time tracking, and resource utilization.

All projects can be split into milestones that you want to reach at various time periods. Task management is easy with features like custom fields and statuses, task recurrence, reminders, and a Kanban view. You can manage your time by splitting and allocating your available hours to all your work items.

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The resource utilization chart comes with simple seesaws that depict the workload of your resources. While allocating tasks, you can easily see who is over-utilized, under-utilized, or unavailable too. Zoho has a Marketplace that has several pre-built extensions. Zoho Projects also has support engineers and live chat support to help with onboarding. The available plans are Standard, Premium, Express, and Enterprise.

These tools are too complex and too narrowly focused and do not have the real-time information, the responsive planning and flexibility required to keep everyone in the loop and everything on track. By contrast, Clarizen delivers secure, cloud-based collaborative work management solutions built on the vision of business agility.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use and flexible solution offers a single source of information to improve work execution, collaborate in-context, optimize resources and respond faster. Clarizen provides:. With AI-based analytics, thousands of integrations, flexible project views, and more, Hive streamlines your work in one centralized platform and offers much more than just Gantt charts.

Used by teams of varying sizes, from 10 people to 1,, Hive is a great option as a Microsoft Project alternative for a diverse range of companies and work styles. Hive also has one of the first full email integrations in any project management tool, which allows you to send and receive Gmail and Outlook messages from the app. In its latest iteration, Merlin Project works pretty well.

You can create tasks and subtasks with dependencies and constraints, add work and duration separately, assign resources with an option to decrease duration or increase work, see how much work each resource has assigned, and add your own fields to each task, for which you can define the field type e. Merlin Project also comes with some cool new features such as Kanban board, resource pools, mind mapping and even a standalone app available in the Apple App Store.

Smarsheet screenshot showing the Gantt chart and project plan task breakdown. It delivers the basics well — creating pretty drag and drop Gantt charts with tasks, subtasks, milestones, assigned resources and dependencies to tasks. The only real snags are the inability to produce a high-level project summary and the inability to export as a. Well done for making it all the way down to the bottom.

Screenshot of Microsoft Project Gantt chart. The downside is that all those bells and whistles and add-ons that you can get with some of the other products might actually be quite useful after all. There are some new kids on the Gantt chart block! This tool is pretty useful.

You provide your email, and they send over a nice PDF guide with a summary of your best matches. So what is the best project scheduling software to use as a Microsoft Project alternative? As I often find myself offline, on planes and in the wilds of BC, I would miss having a desktop app to churn out my. So in short, my preference would be for Microsoft Project Pro for Office It does everything I want it to do, in the format I need it.

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  4. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right MS project alternative for your case:. There are features within Microsoft Project that support this, and many of the alternatives include them too. Consider what you actually use project timelines for; do you print them off every day and baseline progress? How do you share that information with the project team and executive? Microsoft Project integrates and plays nicely with its Microsoft buddies, SharePoint and Project Server which are enterprise based solutions capable of some incredibly smart things with Power BI, Internet of Things, bots and machine learning.

    The cost of Microsoft Project tends to be one of the primary reasons that people look for an alternative. Most of the Microsoft Project alternatives are priced on a cost per user basis. So in working out which solution is the most affordable, consider what makes most sense for you; is it a tool that many people in the organization will need to use, or will it be used principally by the project manager? So before deciding on subscribing to a service, consider purchasing a desktop-based non-cloud solution like:. Most of the cloud-based Microsoft project alternatives offer at least some paltry freemium offering which might be enough for you:.

    Any other great alternatives to Microsoft Project for project scheduling, making Gantt charts, and project plans?

    Why (and when to) use a Gantt Chart

    Manage work and brace yourself for maximum productivity. Its a feature rich tool and we are using it since , we are quite happy with their service so i thought sharing can help your post to keep it refreshing. I will share more if i found more competitive alternative! Also please let me know where I am wrong. Hi Ben, thanks for taking the time to review WorkZone. Thanks for this review. There are couple of apps you missed, for example bi-platformed ConceptDraw Project [which works with MS Project files] and Bugzilla — which is simple, but free. Thank you guys for the list and the comments supplementing it.

    Zillion of dashboard reports help me visualize my projects. Ben, Really liked the article and the brief listing format for the comparisons, proved very useful and timely, just had the experience you open with…. MS Project …….. How much! As a result, found your article. Having said that, from this same perspective, Primavera Project scheduling software is also prevalent on these larger projects and having a similar capability would be useful.

    How to create a gantt chart

    I know Excel data can be imported and passed around, but it can be a bit of nightmare, trying to maintain the spreadsheet structure, maintaining the correct data types in fields etc. Thank you, Ben, for your review.

    I just start experimenting after using MS Project for a long time. How do you think is Arike good for small projects? I tried installing GanntPRO, but everything leads me back to paying for an upgrade, in order to do anything useful i. Ganttr is very very unstable. Other than Project and OmniPlan, it seems all the other solutions use the fixed duration model.

    We signed up for Wrike because we loved the feature set, only to find they are fixed duration only. If you please, do keep me posted on what you find. Dan, RationalPlan will allow you to plan using Fixed-Duration, Fixed-Work and Fixed-Units just like MS Project does and also using Dependency-Driven for rare and special cases… You can also use RationalPlan within the cloud and will have concurrent access from multiple users, with file sharing but no integrated discussions but very likely to be added.

    Give it a try and maybe it will solve your problem. I just used Gantter. It worked beautifully for a basic 12 item 56 point steel construction schedule. Thanks for the Recommendation. I like bells and whistles as much as the next person but simplicity is also a wonderful thing sometimes. It was straight forward and quite like using MS project I also took a look at the Rational plan that is suggested above and as far as I can tell that too looks very good for a good price.

    Thanks for the article, really helpful. Good spot!