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A Day in the Life of a Geisha

Then I eat an early dinner before doing my makeup and putting on my kimono. It takes me 40 minutes to apply makeup to my face and the back of my neck.

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I use Shiseido and Mitsuyoshi products, but there aren't many options. The reason the powder is so white is because before there was electricity, the maikos and geikos had to make their faces stand out clearly in a dark room lit only by candles. As for the red coloring around the eyes and brows, that's because in the past, girls as young as eight or nine could become maikos and red is considered to be a color that fends off bad spirits and protects you.

Confessions Of A Maiko, Japan's Geisha-In-Training

We also believe that applying lipstick fully over the lips looks vulgar, which is why I draw my lipstick on in a smaller shape. It's more elegant. Maikos in their first year only wear lipstick on the lower lip as a sign that they're a beginner and may make mistakes. The neck is considered sexy in Japanese culture, so the white paint is meant to emphasize the bareness of it, Koen-san says.

Maikos paint the design themselves. At around 6, I leave the teahouse to entertain at a dinner party. I pour drinks while the customers eat, talk and play games with them, and perform a dance. Most customers are males in their 60s and 70s, but sometimes females come for a girls' night out.

I get very nervous when I have to perform in front of customers who know geikos and maikos well, or know the mother of my teahouse. In the beginning, I made mistakes and when that happens, I have to apologize to the person who is playing the shamisen, then she comes with me to apologize to the customer. And sometimes I receive a gift from the customer and I have to tell that to the mother, who will call them and say thank you.

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The party lasts until 1 am, then I go to sleep around 3. I take out the decorations in my hair they change every month; this month, it's the nanohana flower , but I have to sleep in the hairstyle and make it last for a week between hairdresser appointments. This means that I sleep with my head in a pillow that's shaped like a box and I can't toss or turn in the night or else I'll ruin it.

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When you become a geiko, your hairstyle changes and you can wear a wig. All the money I make at work goes to the mother of the teahouse. She pays for my food, lets me wear her kimonos, and gives me an allowance, but maikos do not have salaries. Real Quick.

BBC Geisha Girl Documentary 2005

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Geishas have been trained since childhood in music, dance, the arts, formal ceremonies, conversation, and various ways of bolstering and indulging "the male ego. This program, narrated by Susan Sarandon, gives viewers a look inside the tradition and sorts out some assumptions. Although hired to provide entertainment and company to men, a geisha the word means "artist" is usually not a prostitute. A historical look is also taken at the impact of geisha's alliances with political figures, the tradition's struggle for survival through World War II and the cultural changes that followed it.

Interviews with modern-day geisha and their clients are included. Documentary , Special Interest.

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Geisha: A Day in The Life - Japan Talk

More trailers. The Durrells in Corfu. They might walk with apprentices and geisha to their appointments, holding their bags or running small errands and slowly learning about the trade. These days, there is no need to be a shikomi before becoming a maiko. Once accepted, she will study the performing and cultural arts required to work as a geisha on almost a daily basis.

The type of dances that an apprentice learns varies depending on which school of dance her hanamachi geisha district or community is aligned with.

In Kyoto , the training is especially strict and rigorous, and as a result their geiko are the most sought-after in all of Japan. The training period of a maiko or hangyoku can be as long as five years. But being a maiko is actually optional altogether.