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Your Instructor Jennifer Gonzalez. Frequently Asked Questions I thought this was a guide I am selling the Teacher's Guide to Tech through Teachable because it allows me to make it available to groups at a discounted rate. Teachable started as a platform for selling online courses, so they call all materials "courses," even though some things are just resources, like this one.

The Teacher's Guide to Tech is not actually a course. I publish an updated version of the guide every year, with new tools, updated information, updated videos, and the removal of tools that have become obsolete or are not being used very often. Customers who wish to have a fully updated version of the guide must purchase a new license when the new update is available.

Is this a one-time purchase? Does the license have an expiration date or a limited time period? Your license is for the guide. That guide will be available here for the life of the product in other words, for as long as I am still creating teaching products. I will keep it here even after later editions are created, but to make sure you never lose it, your best bet is to just download the PDF and store it on your own computer.

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Quite a few of the tools are designed for teacher-only use, such as those for assessment, parent engagement, collaboration with colleagues, and curating your own resources. Another group will be ideal for helping you create content for your students, such as interactive posters, QR codes, screencasting, and presentation tools. The guide also includes a good number of tools early readers can use, such as mind-mapping tools, image-making tools, podcasting tools, and book publishing tools. Search site. Useful guides and publications.

Flexible pedagogies: technology-enhanced learning Our Flexible Pedagogies: preparing for the future research series includes a publication that focuses on a better understanding of technology enhanced learning, including highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities that TEL brings to HE.

How to start using technology in your teaching In the UK, Advance HE is currently coordinating the London Retention Project aimed at achieving a deeper understanding of the retention issues in the London context and providing support and networking opportunities to address common challenges. Has your school, faculty or institution identified this as a key strategic priority?

How To Improve An Online Course In 12222: A Comprehensive Guide

It's easier to get to grips with computers than a lot of people think. Here's how to get started.

Staying in touch has never been easier or cheaper. These easy-to-follow guides will help you take advantage.

Tech tools for online teaching: Get the one-stop guide for tech tools for teachers

These guides will give you all the tools you need to become a confident internet user, surfing the web with aplomb. Find out just how easy it is to make the most of the many exciting, fun and useful things that the internet has to offer. Music, audiobooks - you name it, it's all on the internet and really easy to get hold of and download. Here's how. Powerful, convenient and multi-purpose, smartphones and tablets are the two key players in the fast-growing world of mobile computers. These guides explain. There are so many great ways to store, edit and share photos — our guides will show you how.

The chores that used to mean a trip in the car can now be done from a chair, with a cup of tea by your side. No more filling in endless paper forms!

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Online collaboration is becoming an increasingly important part of the way organisations work.