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May you always remember where you put your house keys, and have them to hand when you're juggling two babies at the front door.

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It's 9. I've got hours of sleep to catch up on. Good night! Check out my latest book The Pregnancy Diaries - a personal and positive account of pregnancy and childbirth. Available in ebook and paperback! Posted by Emily Benet at No comments:. Labels: parenting. Saturday, 17 August Terrible news for a writer mum My typing wakes up the baby.

Hoover is fine. Leaf-blowing is fine. Revving up a motorbike repeatedly I hate you, whoever you are is fine. Typing, not fine. When I was eight months pregnant, we moved to the flat next door. It had one more room, which became my office. An office beside the baby's room. A sunny, cool, uncluttered room where I could snatch moments to write while my little one snored softly in her crib next door.

I typed like mad while I was pregnant. I wanted to finish my novel before my due date. Perhaps the sound now reminds my baby of humbler times, when she lived in a cramped flat and survived on a liquid diet.

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I thought of my big white desk, my notebooks within reach, my selection of biros, my view of the pine trees. Was my typing really waking her up? Or, was I just being paranoid? I returned to my office and began to type:. C-H-A - I heard a stirring I stopped typing. I picked up my laptop, charger, notebook, biro, phone, cup of tea and tiptoed down the corridor, passed her room and out onto the terrace. The cicadas buzzed, the leaf-blower grumbled, the motorbike revved, baby snored, I typed and all was well in the world again.

When it comes to writing dreams and babies, you have to adapt to survive! Pregnant and looking for a positive account of pregnancy and childbirth? Check out the diary I kept while I was pregnant! It's available from Amazon. Labels: motherh , writing life. Tuesday, 30 July Oh hello, Ambition. We meet again.

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I feel it in the pit of my stomach. The fiery flicker of ambition. I haven't felt it for a while. Depending on how it manifests, it's not always that helpful. If ambition makes me feel like I should be doing something other than what I'm doing playing with the baby, feeding her, hanging out the nappies It only creates anxiety.

I gave up anxiety when I moved to Mallorca. Impatience is a waste of energy too. This writing journey isn't a sprint, so I need to remember to sit comfortably. I finished my fourth novel sixth book last week. That's why I'm feeling like this. It's been so much work and I don't want it to disappear into oblivion.

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Independent publishing has a lot of perks, and though sales might be better, it's a route which won't get my book in an airport book shop a recurring dream of mine , or made into a film every author's dream! However, if I was to embark on the traditional route once again, it could be well over a year before the book saw the light of day, if at all. At the moment, I feel like making lists of small, manageable goals. I've a lot of things to update: website, blog, social media channels I want to give this novel it's best chance.


I haven't settled on a title yet, which is very annoying. The lives of four neighbours intertwine - think scams, lies, disappointments and romance - and naturally everyone's hiding something. I suppose, first step would be to nail down a title! Too Good to be True? Too Good to Miss? The Hidden Agenda? The Pretenders?

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Change of Heart? Suspiciously Wonderful? Aaargh it's so tricky! The baby is waking, so off I go. Perhaps she'll have a good idea. Labels: novel writing. Monday, 8 July Writing, Motherhood and why my blog isn'talking to me! Blog: I'm not talking to you. Me: I know I've been a bit lame.

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Blog: A bit lame? It's been months. Me: I've got something to show you. People have been talking, you know.

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