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To simplify overlapping motion, consider substituting a focal element with a fade through transition. For example, Group elements together so they move as little as possible within their container.

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This collapsed layout is grouped with a focal element the thumbnail image , while the expanded layout is grouped with a container a card. Avoid groupings in which elements move within their container.

Explore how Shrine, a retail app, uses Material Design.

Surfaces Elevation Light and shadows. Understanding layout Pixel density Responsive layout grid Spacing methods Component behavior Applying density. Understanding navigation Navigation transitions Search.

The type system Understanding typography Language support. Product icons System icons Animated icons.

What does a choreographer do?

Understanding motion Speed Choreography Sequencing. Using a focal element. Gestures Selection States. Overview Implementing your theme. Accessibility Bidirectionality. Android bars Android fingerprint Android haptics Android icons Android navigating between apps Android notifications Android permissions Android settings Android slices Android split-screen Android swipe to refresh Android text selection toolbar Android widget Cross-platform adaptation.

Sequencing motion, choreography.

Animation sequences. Read More. Simple sequences.

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Simple sequences animate all elements in unison, such as the expansion of a bottom sheet. Complex sequences. Simple transformations. Simple transitions involve tweening all properties that change from one state to the next. Complex transformations. Transitions with animated containers. Transitions without animated containers. Focal element conflicts.

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Grouping focal elements. Portable choreography defines the data type, transmission sequence, structure, control methods and technical parameters. Concrete choreography is similar to portable choreography but includes, in addition, the source and destination URL s as well as security information such as digital certificate s. This was last updated in June Related Terms source code Source code is the fundamental component of a computer program that is created by a programmer.

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Animation sequences

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