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Although this release claims to be the "complete" score, there is still some music heard in the film that is missing in sequential order :. The second disc, of previously unreleased music, contains additional music not present in the film, including two bonus tracks. Vangelis recorded, mixed and produced the score for "Blade Runner" in his own recording space, Nemo Studios , in He utilised many contemporary electronic instruments in order to create the atmospheric soundscapes, which he crafted on an ad-hoc basis. This was done by viewing videotapes of scenes from the film in the studio, and then improvising pieces in synchronisation with the images on the screen.

The most prominent synthesiser used in the score was the Yamaha CS , which can be heard in the opening scenes, and subsequently throughout the rest of the film. He also utilised a variety of traditional instruments, including, gamelan , glockenspiel , gong , snare drum , timpani and tubular bells. The delays and poor reproductions of the Blade Runner score led to the production of many bootleg recordings over the years. A bootleg tape surfaced in at science fiction conventions and became popular given the delay of an official release of the original recordings, and in "Off World Music, Ltd.

A disc from "Gongo Music" features most of the same material, but more of it.

The Deck Definitive Edition came about in , with 27 tracks. The double-disc "Esper Edition" combined tracks from the official release, the Gongo boot and the film itself.

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Finally "" provided a single-disc compilation almost wholly consisting of ambient sound from the film, padded out with some sounds from the Westwood game Blade Runner. The first release of the Blade Runner score in any form was a tape suspected of coming from a sound engineer during the film's mixing. It was popular, despite subpar audio quality, given there were no plans to release a Vangelis score. In , a disc from Romanian label, "Gongo Music, Ltd", was issued as a limited edition of copies. It contained mostly the same music as the Off World Music release, but included one track, "Blimpvert", which had not featured on any previous releases.

This track contains an excerpt from "Ogi no Mato" by Ensemble Nipponia. In , a track CD from Japanese label, "Deck Art", was released as a limited edition of copies with high quality sound. No tracklist was provided, but the disc contained material found on earlier bootlegs as well as music which had not appeared on any previous releases. In a bootleg — Blade Runner: Esper Edition by "Esper Productions" — was created as a limited edition of 10 copies, providing a comprehensive Blade Runner soundtrack.

It contains some background music that has never been released. It incorporated the missing tracks from the trilogy release. In , a sequel to Blade Runner was released, Blade Runner Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch collaborated on the Blade Runner score , and the original Blade Runner soundtrack served as inspiration for their work. The composers included a Yamaha CS analog synthesizer among the instruments in an effort to maintain stylistic continuity with Vangelis's original film score. Zimmer said of the soundtrack: "Ridley [Scott] is a hard act to follow — as is Vangelis.

While Ben [Wallfisch] was four years old, I had actually experienced all of this. We watched and literally, as we stopped watching, we decided on the palette. We decided this wasn't going to be an orchestral thing. The story spoke to us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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End Title 6. Blade Runner Blues 7.

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Farewell 8. End Title Reprise Total disc time: Official Vangelis score 1. Main Titles 2. Blush Response 3. Wait for Me 4.

Rachel's Song 5. Love Theme 6. One More Kiss, Dear 7. Blade Runner Blues 8. Memories of Green 9. Tales of the Future Damask Rose Blade Runner End Titles Tears in Rain Total disc time: Longing 1. Launch Approval 2. Unveiled Twinkling Space 2.

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Up and Running 3. Tyrell's Owl 3. Mail from India 4. At Mr. Chew's 4. BR Downtown 5. Leo's Room sic [19] 5. Dimitri's Bar 6. One Alone bonus track 6. Sweet Solitude 7. Deckard and Roy's Duel 7.


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No Expectation Boulevard 8. Tyrell's Death 8. Vadavarot 9. Desolation Path bonus track 9. Perfume Exotico Empty Streets Mechanical Dolls Piano in an Empty Room Fading Away Keep Asking Total disc time: Total disc time: Bootleg tape Side A Side B 1. Los Angeles, November 9. Tales of the Future 2. Leon's Interrogation Dangerous Days 3. Lift-Off Wounded Animals 4.